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Marketing Successfully Acquires Jobsite.HR Advertising

 Today,, a leading name in the arena of programmatic recruitment advertising technologies and services, is proud to announce the acquisition of Jobsite.HR Advertising, a trailblazer in the recruitment marketing field.

This pivotal move marries’s renowned programmatic technology with the extensive recruitment marketing services of Jobsite.HR, greatly enhancing’s capacity to streamline and refine the recruitment marketing strategies of companies.

Following the acquisition, the unified entity will cater to the needs of over 1000 clients across Europe and two key global markets.

Sergej Dergatsjev, Founder & CEO of, stated, “Jobsite.HR has established itself as a dependable partner in recruitment marketing for some of the most prestigious global brands. Integrating Jobsite.HR’s talented team and comprehensive solutions will broaden, hasten, and refine’s capabilities in tackling the intricate challenges of recruitment marketing faced by top employers worldwide. Our clients will reap the benefits of a strategy that is both data-driven and source-neutral, encapsulating the strengths of both entities.”

The significance of this acquisition lies in Jobsite.HR’s status as an emergent leader in technological innovation within the industry. Jobsite.HR’s established expertise in search and social media advertising, event marketing for hiring, and technology for optimizing application flows will enhance’s already award-winning, neutral-source programmatic job advertisement platform, positioning it at the forefront of the recruitment marketing domain. This merger is focused on delivering superior recruitment results for clients, presenting them with unmatched opportunities to fine-tune their recruitment processes. This integration not only aims to revolutionize the industry but also to redefine its standards.

By the close of 2024, Jobsite.HR’s team and operations are expected to be fully assimilated into