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Stop by this coffee bar in Ghent for a delicious cup

What better way to start the day than to stop by a pleasant coffee bar in the center of Ghent for a delicious cup of coffee. These specialists have a lot of experience in brewing coffee and love to share this knowledge with you. That is also why they created their very own brand. Are you ready to take your own skills to the next level and even discover new filter brewing methods? You can start your coffee adventure together with WAY in Ghent.

A grasp from their range

The best coffee for a filter can be found at this coffee bar in Ghent. At WAY, they have developed a full range of their most popular coffees for their online store, so that you can enjoy them at home as well. These beans and espresso’s come from every corner of the world. Do you want to test the more fruity taste of Ethiopian coffee? Or is a sweet coffee from El Salvador more your style? You can order it all online in just a couple of clicks. They even have special coffee from Brazil:

  • Brazil – Filter – Fabio José Da Silva – Caramel, fruity, chocolate, berries, wafer and cherry
  • BRAZIL – Filter – Bota Fora – Yellow Bourbon – Hazelnut, apple, plum & milk chocolate

Every one of these coffees is made from beans harvested at a different farm. The knowledge about these special beans have been given from generation to generation. Just like the specialists of WAY, they know very well how to handle the beans correctly to produce the best coffee for you.

Order your favourite coffee today

Is your mouth already watering from reading about these delicious coffees? Don’t wait any longer to try these special drinks and order the beans today. The quick service of this coffee bar in Ghent will make sure that your coffee arrives at your door as soon as possible. Before you know it, you will wake up to a warm cup.